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Chrome is no longer supported on macOS Mavericks

If you still use macOS Mavericks, you'll have to use built-in browser, Safari

Popular web browser Google Chrome is no longer support on an old version of the macOS operating system: Mavericks.

So, how did this happen? We understand it's because copies of Chrome were automatically updated to support a newer version of macOS called Yosemite (requires macOS 10.10 or above). Currently, the oldest version of macOS that Google Chrome will support is MacOS 10.10.

There does come a time where older versions of software will stop being supported as program and app developers look to support more newer, and stable operating systems. Mavericks was born in 2013 in October. The latest stable version of macOS is 10.13 High Sierra and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store now.

Good news for those wanting a new version of macOS as 10.14 Mojave is currently in its beta stages and we can expect this to be avaible for download in Autumn when it's stable.

Back to macOS Mavericks now, and if you're looking for a browser that you can actually use, Mozilla Firefox still supports it, as well as built-in Apple browser, Safari, of course. (We haven't forgotten about that). If your Mac can update to a newer version, it's worth doing so if you want to run Chrome, although it's your choice.

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