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Snapchat down: app keeps crashing when you open it

Snapchat's down, and people aren't happy about it!

Snapchat went down for everyone in Great Britain and elsewhere in the UK, as well as in the USA, leaving people unable to open the app.

It went down in the evening, as frustrated users took to Twitter and other social media platforms seeing if anyone else had the same issue and asking why it's happening. It came at a bad time as it meant no one could Snapchat friends and family during the England FIFA World Cup match and use any of the filters or lenses.

Although Snapchat Support's Twitter page informed users that they are aware of the issue, they didn't explain why the app was crashing for users.

Uninstalling the app, then re-installing the app and logging in again did also not resolve the issue, as know some people tried that, including us!

We tried on Android phones and the crashing still happened. We also tried on a few Apple devices and we, as many users pointed out on Twitter, still had the crashing issues on there.

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