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Ariana Grande - Sweetener tracklist and release date

Ariana Grande's lastest studio album, Sweetener, will be released on August 17 2018

Sweetener will be Ariana's fourth studio album, which is yet to be released. Below, well talk about the release date, and the tracklist.

The release date for Sweetener is 17 August 2018, so not long to wait! You can already stream the album on Spotify, and you can pre-order the album on iTunes, and on the official Ariana Grande website.

You'll also be able to order a hardcopy of the album (CD) on Ariana's website, as well as high-street music store HMV, when it's released. You will also be able to order the CD on online stores including Amazon.

Here is the all important tracklist for Ariana's brand new album:

Track 1: Raindrops

Track 2: Blazed

Track 3: The Light Is Coming

Track 4: REM

Track 5: God Is A Woman

Track 6: Sweetener

Track 7: Successful

Track 8: Everytime

Track 9: Breath In

Track 10: No Tears Left To Cry

Track 11: Borderline

Track 12: Better Off

Track 13: Goodnight And Go

Track 14: Pete

Track 15: Get Well Soon

We'll have more on Ariana and her brand new album when it drops on August 17. We cannot wait and know this is going to be another fantastic album from Grande!

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