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Sweetener by Ariana Grande was released today!

Ariana Grande's latest album, Sweetener, was released today.

Grande's fourth studio album, Sweetener, was released today (Friday 17 August 2017).

This week, we revealed the full tracklist for Ariana Grande's new album:

Track 1: Raindrops

Track 2: Blazed

Track 3: The Light Is Coming

Track 4: REM

Track 5: God Is A Woman

Track 6: Sweetener

Track 7: Successful

Track 8: Everytime

Track 9: Breath In

Track 10: No Tears Left To Cry

Track 11: Borderline

Track 12: Better Off

Track 13: Goodnight And Go Track

14: Pete Track

15: Get Well Soon

The first single from Sweetener was No Tears Left To Cry and remembers these killed in the bombing of one of her concerts in Manchester, UK.

The last song on the brand new album, Get Well Soon, also pays tribute to all those injured and the 22 people who were killed in the terrorist attack back in 2017.

Get Well Soon's ending finishes with 40 seconds of silence, which means the running time of the track is, in total, 5 minutes and 22 seconds. This is the date of when the heartless event took place: 22/5 (2017).

Loads of fans took to Twitter to express the love for Ariana Grande and her new album. One user, Gabby Frost, said:

We love the new album!

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