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The latest Galaxy products from Samsung are here (pre-order now)

The latest Galaxy products from Samsung are here, and you can pre-order them now

We're taking a look at the products that you can pre-order now. The ads on TV and over the internet may have caught your eye, so we're here to tell you a little bit of information about them.

There are three new 'stars' in the range, as Samsung say: the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Tab S4 and the new Galaxy Watch.

Galaxy Note 9

The new Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung has a new and redesigned, Bluetooth enabled, S Pen. You can take snaps "shoot', present, write notes, just with a click thanks to the new S Pen. The Note 9 supports fast charging and Samsung claim it has a new super powerful and longer lasting battery. Two memory sizes are available - 128GB and 512GB - meaning you can "store everything you want and delete nothing".

You can choose from three great colours, including: Midnight Black, Lavender Purple, and the combination of an Ocean Blue handset and a kinda of greenish S Pen.

The 128GB model is £899 whilst the 512GB is £200 extra meaning the price is £1,099.00 on Samsung's website. If you want to keep some cash in your wallet, you can trade in your old device - it doesn't just have to be a Samsung device - for money off.

Galaxy Watch

Samsung have produced a wide range of wearable technology in the past, such as the Galaxy Gear 2, and the Classic. The new Galaxy Watch is the latest innovation of smartwatch from Samsung.

One of the things this smartwatch boasts, and what we're impressed with is its very long battery life. The watch claims to have a 7 day battery life, and for a small watch that sits on your wrist, that's rather impressive. Of course, it does depend on what you use the watch for and how you use it.

If music is a bit part of your life and you're a Spotify freak, you can pair your your Bluetooth headphones and listen to your favourite tracks on the go. As well as answering calls and getting text messages, thanks to the clear and coloured display.

With two colour choices to choose from - Black and Rose Gold (42mm) - and a wide range of colourful watch straps to mix up your look, you can work, work, work the style that's right for you. Price tag for the Galaxy Watch (42mm) is £279.00

Galaxy Tab S4

Get more out of your day with this new tablet computer: the Galaxy Tab S4. The words 'Tablet computer' are taken to a whole new level on the Tab S4. That's all thanks to the built-in 'desktop experience mode'. You can attach the all new case and keyboard which'll mean you can bash out those emails on the fly, or make sure the tablet's up right for a bit of chill time when watching a film. Don't let this tablet fool you. It will sound great because it's got not one, not two, but four Dolby Atoms surround sound speakers!

The S Pen is supported on the new Galaxy Tab S4. This means you'll have a keyboard and a pen to take notes. That'll stand out in class or at work. And just like the Note 9 and the Galaxy Watch, the Tab S4 has the Always On Display.

Memory wise, the Tab S4 comes with 64GB built-in and has a respectable price tag of £599 and the new Bluetooth S Pen is included. What's more? Pre-order now from and claim your keyboard case and free delivery!

Visit to pre-order now. More about these products on the way soon. Which one will you be purchasing?

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