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Here's yet another reason to pre-order the Galaxy Watch from Samsung right now

Samsung gives you another reason to buy the new Galaxy Watch now

The Galaxy Watch by Samsung is their latest wearable watch. You can pre-order now from Samsung and elsewhere. It's expected to hit the shops and online in the very early stages of September, so if, you want, you can wait. But, we have a feeling that you won't want to!

Keep reading to find out why.

The Galaxy Watch ships in two sizes, perfect for small and large wrists. The large 46mm and 42mm. Colour wise, the 42mm watch dons Midnight Black and also comes in a Rose Gold colour. (Kinda reminds us of Apple. Hey Apple). Whereas, the 46mm only ships in Rose Gold.

Juice wise, the larger 46mm model lasts for a eye-watering 7 days battery life! If a long lasting, stunning, smart watch is on your list, then you should have a serious think. Bigger screen = bigger battery in this case.

The smaller 42mm model only lasts for 4 days. Of course, depending on usage, depends on how long it's going to stay alive for.

If you pre-order the new Galaxy Watch direct from Samsung at, you'll receive a FREE gift! You're interested because we said the word FREE. We knew it.

You have been reading this correctly.

'What's the free gift?' we hear you asking. Good question, Batman. Pre-order the Galaxy Watch and you'll receive a Wireless Charger Duo!

The Wireless Charger Duo allows you to charger your Samsung phone (models vary), and your freshly brought Samsung Galaxy Watch at the same time! Crazy and amazing.

You have to be quick through. Start punching your keyboard keys now as you only have until 7th September 2018 to get the free twin charger. After that, you'll have to buy it separately. The price of this charger if brought separately from this deal is £89 RRP.

If that's not got you thinking, we don't know what will!

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