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What's new with Alexa this week?

Today, on the last Friday of August, we're taking a look at what's new with Alexa

Alexa, by Amazon, is getting bigger and better as times go on. Oh, and even smarter. So, let's put all of this together and take a look at just some of the new stuff to can do and say with Alexa.

Alexa can find businesses near you

For this, you need to enable location settings and tell Alexa where you are. You can, for example, tell Alexa "Find the opening hours for a bank near me", and Alexa will tell you.

To make sure she knows where you are, give Alexa access to your location. To do this: open up the Alexa app on your phone, select 'Settings', find your device and tap "Device location'. You can also turn off location access at anytime.

Alexa knows radio - and the stations you love

Alexa can play pretty much any radio station - DAB, internet, FM. This is thanks to built-in app TuneIn. You may've heard of it before as it's an app and a website where you can find all the stations you love. From local stations for where you are, internet only stations and of course, those huge ones we all love.

Just simply say: "Alexa, play BBC Radio 2". Alexa, play Capital" (This works for both Capital UK, Capital London, Capital Liverpool, and so on).

Alexa is clever so she knows what the last station you listened to. Just say: "Alexa, play TuneIn", and she'll play the last one you listened to.

Alexa can alarm you (in a good way)

Monday's can be tough. Therefore it can be hard to get out of bed. Alexa's got you covered. Just say: "Alexa, set an alarm for 6am", and she'll wake you up. You can manage the alarms you've set, create new ones and turn them off.

Most requested: When is sunrise

This week, this command is the most requested. "Alexa, what time is sunrise?" And she'll tell you! Of course, she needs to know where you are. We've been playing around with Alexa at HQ, and you can also ask Alexa and ask when the sun will set: "Alexa, what time will the sunset?".

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