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Amazon are the second company to be worth a TRILLION dollars

Not everyone can boast about this now, can they?

Online giant Amazon are set to become the only other company to be worth a trillion dollars. The only other company to be worth a trillion dollars is Apple. This happened last month.

When Amazon came about, it only sold books and CDs online, nothing else. Now, you can buy almost anything and have it turn up on your doorstep the next day - and sometimes even on the same day as you place the order - thanks to Amazon Prime.

Amazon also makes its bucks from creating its own shows on Amazon TV such as the Grand Tour with ex Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Amazon are also taking the lead in the smart speaker and assistance market. This is thanks to its well known devices that include: Echo, Echo Dot, Sport and the Echo Show, with voice Alexa.

Still, it was annouced last month that Apple - makers of popular iPhone, iPad and Mac laptops and the iMac and new iMac Pro - got there first: becoming the world first company to be worth a trillion dollars!

Nice work, Apple. And Amazon.

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