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Argos lets you shop and reserve items with your voice on Google Home

Reserve products from Argos using Google Home

When you think of Argos, you start thinking about turning over the pages of a huge catalogue, then queueing up with a ticket, then finally, collecting your product.

Now though, that might be about to change, thanks to Google Home.

Argos has created a service where you can shop with your voice using the Google Home smart speaker products: Google Home, Google Home Mini. It'll also work with the Google Assistant on smartphones.

No other retailer in the UK has a shopping service on the Google Assistant platform - Argos is the first. Argos is facing huge competition from online retailer giant Amazon. They create smart speakers, too: Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show, just to name a few. Argos sells the Echo voice-controlled devices online and in its many stores.

On the rival smart speaker platform, you can order products using shopping service Amazon Prime. Argos do not have a voice ordering app on the Alexa platform.

Catalogue shop, and online retailing website Argos, is owned by supermarket giant Sainsbury's, whom also faces competition from the likes of Amazon as their grocery delivery service continues to expend.

You'll be able to ask your Google Home smart speaker to reserve items as well as check the availability of products, when the Argos service in enabled on your speaker.

CEO of Argos, John Rogers, has been speaking to the BBC about this step forward for the company:

"This launch is step one and I don't expect to turn on the app and suddenly double our sales." He continued: "I expect people will use it and experiment with it".

Argos still distributes 1000s of its catalogues to its shops and to people's homes.

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