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Apple Watch Series 4 is here

Apple has unveiled a brand new Apple Watch

The Apple Special Event is well underway. The first new product that excited everyone around the world is, of course, the brand new fresh out-of-the box: Apple Watch Series 4.

The new Apple Watch Series 4 comes shipped with an all improved watchOS.

In the second half of 2017, Apple took over companies such as FitBit and became the word's first bestselling wearable technology company, all thanks to a high-demand for its products.

For a while, it has always been about the edge to edge display, as has been seen in previous iPhone X that came out last year. Other phone makers have also been achieving this: Samsung with their new Note9 and Galaxy S9.

Apple Watch Series 4 extends right to the edge of the watch face, much more than previous modes: Apple Watch Series 3, Series 2 and the original model.

If you take a stumble and fall over whilst wearing the Apple Watch Series 4, it'll start to take heart-rate readings.

Dimension wise, the Series 4 is almost the same as last year's watch, but the trillion dollar tech firm say the screen is 30% bigger than before.

Health and fitness features have been at the heart of the Apple Watch, ever since the first one was launched. And it's fair to say, that as time goes on, and with every new version of the watch, that the health and fitness features have got better and better.

Thanks to new gyroscope and accelerometer sensors, the Series 4 has been able to add in a fall detection feature. Great for people who are not that able on their feet, and for all those who go out hiking in all kinds of weather conditions.

If set up, your Watch will call the emergency services, if it has detected if you've been inactive for a minute or more.

The watch will be available September 17, with an upgraded version of the OS: watchOS 5. watchOS 5 comes with a bunch of cool looking watch faces, and include a load of health and fitness related ones, too. Also, it you raise your wrist, you'll wake up Apple's voice assistant, Siri.

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