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Google's shutting its Inbox app down in March 2019

Users using the Inbox app have until March 2019 to switch to Gmail app

Google have announced it's the end for the Inbox app, and users have until March 2019 to switch over to the Gmail app.

Google launched the Inbox app, that lives alongside Gmail, 3 years ago, but now they're going to pull the plug at sometime in March next year.

Inbox was a great idea when it kicked off as it brought a ton of new and helpful features that didn't exist in the long standing Gmail app. They said: "it’s not Gmail: it’s a completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters.".

It's sad to see it go, really. Although, users using the app had rare updates that came through, and its big brother (of course, Gmail), received the most updates.

This year, at sometime in April, Gmail had a huge update that brought with it almost all of the loved features that existed in the less-loved and updated Inbox application.

On the official Twitter account for Inbox by Gmail (@inboxmygmail), they've tweeted their "Thanks for helping 1B + people get stuff done".

There are, however, a few features left to be migrated from Inbox to Gmail. The 'Bundles' feature, for example. This is an extremely helpful feature that groups similar emails together in one block, instead of listing them one by one. We can confirm this feature is making its way to the Gmail app, but the timing for this is yet to be known.

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