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Does your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max have a charging issue?

There seems to be an issue when plugging your iPhone XS or XS Max to charge

No, thankfully it's not fire related. Don't worry.

The brand new iPhone XS and XS Max were released in September this year by Tim Cooks and a host of Apple's staff members who've been working on these new devices for a very long time. With a bigger battery life, a faster chip that the iPhone X, and a super-bright retina display screen, there are a whole host of reasons as to why you should upgrade your device.

There does however, appear to be an issue with these devices, that we'd still class as being 'brand new'.

We've been busy doing some research on a huge issue with the new iPhone XS and XS Max. The issue seems to occur when plugging in your iPhone to charge it.

Normally, when you plug in an iPhone to charge it, it noise will sound and a battery and percentage will show to indicate that your device is charging.

It seems that when users are plugging in their new iPhone, it's not charging as it should be. A quick trip over to the official Apple Discussions Forums will show users having the same issue. In order to the their phone charging, they have to double tap the screen to wake the phone up. Once this has been done, your iPhone will act 'normal' and charge.

This happens with third party wires and the charging 'brick', and it doesn't seem to be the case of a dodgy third party charger as it happens with the official wire and plug that come shipped in the box when you purchase the device.

The Apple Discussion forums show that even when Apple offer to replace the faulty product and the user gets a new phone, the issue still stands. There have also been times when iPhone will not charge when the screen is woken.

We're coming to the conclusion that this is a software related issue, with the latest version of iOS: iOS 12. We do not think it's a hardware issue at all.

Hopefully Apple are now becoming even more aware of this big issue so they can get to work on resolving this as soon as possible.

Does your brand new iPhone XS or XS Max not charge? Let us know!

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