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Apple are yet to respond amid iPhone XS and XS Max charging failure

Apple customers are having issues charging their new smartphones

Yesterday, we reported an issue where brand new iPhones are not charging as expected, and in some cases, not charging at all.

The new iPhone XS and XS Max were launched last month at the Apple Special Event, with millions of fans eager to get their hands on the shiny new units, but there seems to be a problem, a very big problem indeed.

When your phone doesn't charge, what do you do? Try another charger, try a different handset, or, even go as far to buy a third party charger? If all else fails, you can buy a replacement device.

You can certainly get your hands on a replacement iPhone XS or XS Max as they're still brand new and most likely, still covered under warranty.

This is what Apple users are doing with their new iPhones as they're not charging as they should be.

Normally, when you charge an iPhone, you plug it in, wait for the notification sound and the charging percentage and symbol that shows on the screen. You can then go about your day knowing that your iPhone's charging.

A quick search on the official Apple Discussions Forums will show that users are reporting those exact charging problems.

It seems that to make your new iPhone XS or XS Max to charge, you have to 'wake up' the screen once the charging cable is inserted. To do this, just double tab the screen or lift the device up in front you you. This is regardless of if you're using the official wall plug and charging cable provided by Apple, which'll come in the box.

The good news is that this case has now gained some interest from huge news publishers from around the world. This is thanks to the Apple Discussions Forums, as well as bloggers and YouTubers.

Lewis Hilsenteger fronts near enough all of YouTubers videos on his channel Unbox Therapy and the channel has over 12 million subscribers.

As well as unboxing some of the most popular and talked about gadgets, he also reviews technology problems and some of the more smaller voiced gadgets from around the globe.

In one of his most recent videos, Lewis details this exact iPhone XS and XS Max charging issue, and shows you what to look at for with some legit iPhone XS and XS Max handsets. He also compares the new devices against the last year's iPhone X, which does not have a charging issue.

Apple, though, who make the £999 handsets, are still yet to comment about this issue, amid all of the questions that need answering as to why this is happening.

Thanks to Mr Hilsenteger (and others), Apple can no longer sit behind the issue. We're sure this will prompt them to take swift action and get to the bottom as to why this is happening.

We will of course bring you more on this as it unfolds, and when Apple decide to make comment.

If you'd like to watch Lewis Hilsenteger's video and find out even more, press play, below:

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