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Olly Murs & Snoop Dogg team up for new song 'Moves'

We never saw this coming!

Olly Murs is back making his well loved music. However, no one expected this, and his fans are gonna love it!

Murs, 34, has teamed up with American rapper Snoop Dog! Aged 46.

This is going to be Olly Murs' first single since last year. His single last year featured X Factor winner Louisa Johnson.

We can also announce that Olly's getting ready to release his sixth studio album, expected later this year.

His latest single, featuring Snoop Dogg, is titled "Moves". It was released last week. Olly's new single has been played on the radio over the last few days, he's also been appearing on shows to do brief interviews, too.

Murs has announced he has actually never met Snoop Dog! He's just featuring on the hottest track around right now. We can also reveal that Olly Murs has also never met Flo Rida - who featured on another of Olly single's 'Troublemaker', back in 2012.

What's more, we can also reveal on that Olly Murs has said he'd be up for doing the next James Bond theme tune! He could be following in the footsteps of Adele, Sam Smith and Shirley Bassey.

As of yet, there isn't an official music video for 'Moves', but when there is, we'll be sure to let you know! For you, you learn the lyrics, below:

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