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Unilad goes into administration and employees are locked out of the site

Website Unilad went into administration on Thursday

Viral publisher Unilad went into administration on Thursday last week (Thursday 5 October) as it struggles to pay off a large debt.

The website has a large following on social media and started out on Facebook in 2010, posting various content. Now, though, its also branched out onto other media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

There have also been reports that rival website LadBible, is to blame for the collapse of Unilad.

Unilad’s debts are in the region of £10m, which is less than reported and thought.

It has also been revealed that staff working for Unilad have been locked out of the successful website. Administrators have locked employees out of the website's WordPress account. This now means that staff cannot update content on the Homepage, all other pages and write and publish articles and posts.

Allegedly, Unilad's social media team have also been locked out of the company's accounts meaning they cannot update or publish posts, tweets, videos or pictures. They also appear to be locked out of a licensing platform it uses to buy and find videos to use on Facebook and other sites.

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