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Apple fix the iPhone XS and XS Max 'chargegate' issue with new iOS update?

The 'chargegate' issue should now be fixed, thanks to a new iOS update

Towards the end of September and the 1 October, we reported and filled you in on the huge issue the brand new iPhone XS and XS Max has: it doesn't charge as you would expect an iPhone to charge.

Normally, when you charge an iPhone, you plug it in, wait for the notification sound and the charging percentage and symbol that shows on the screen. You can then go about your day knowing that your iPhone's charging.

A quick search on the official Apple Discussions Forums will show that users are reporting those exact charging problems.

Because this case gained a lot of media attention from big news outlets and YouTubers, Apple has now hopefully provided us with a fix. If this fix works, it will mean everyone can charger their iPhones with no problems. And also charge them, just like you would normally charge an iPhone.

A fresh iOS update, Apple say, will fix the 'chargegate' issue. It's already been pushed out to some users and expect it to show up on your iPhone XS and XS Max soon.

Look out for iOS 12.1 in your iPhone's settings. As well as promising to fix the charging issue, the update also brings with the a host of new emoji.

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