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Snapchat introduces more filters for cats

Smile for the camera!

Snapchat has introduced yet more filters for our four-legged friends: cats! This latest update came to life in the form of a Tweet from the official Snapchat account - @Snapchat.

Released in 2011, Snapchat is best known for its range of fun filters, which can be sent to friends and can be added to your Snapchat Story. Now, Snapchat have upped the game and added filters for cats.

Filters from Snapchat have always worked for us, humans, and our other four legged friends: dogs.

The great news is, it is very easy to use the new filters. Just like when we use filters, open the Snapchat app, make sure you're using the rear camera, make sure your cat is in view of the camera, press and hold the screen and the filters will appear.

There is no question that this will be popular with the cat lovers of this world. Visit the Snapchat Twitter and Instagram pages and you'll see a number of happy users' (and cats), who are loving the brand new feature. This will be a very popular feature and Snapchat know this.

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