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Don't panic: YouTube's back up and running now

OMG! YouTube's down!

YouTube went down yesterday - what a disaster! You don't need to panic now, though, as you might've noticed, it's now all back up and running again.

When loading the website, you will have seen a blank page, images that were broken down, or server errors. If trying the access YouTube via the app, that also showed its fair share of errors, too.

The site and app were down all over the world: India, the UK and elsewhere. Many YouTube stars and fans took to Twitter to ask others if the service was down. And the answer? Yes!

YouTube tweeted from their official Twitter account @TeamYouTube - that they were aware of the issue and 'working on a fix':

YouTube Music and YouTube TV were also affected by the outage. YouTube and the YouTube app were also down and presenting users with error messages.

The good news is, you don't need to panic anymore, or fine anything else to do, because: YouTube, YouTube TV, YouTube Music and the YouTube app are now back up and running and are working as expected.

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