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Former deputy PM Sir Nick Clegg gets job at Facebook

Sir Clegg gets brand new job at Facebook

Former deputy Prime Minster Sir Nick Clegg lands a brand new job with social media firm: Facebook.

Sir Nick Clegg's job at Facebook will be head of global affairs and communications team.

Nick Clegg will start working for the social media site, Facebook, on Monday - spending a week at Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters. After his week there, he will be moving to California. Clegg and his family will be living there permanently in the new year.

Sir Nick Clegg joins Facebook and it is fair to say they have had a rough year. Facebook's chief security officer has quit, they have banned yet another quiz app that scoops data from users profile pages and Facebook's newly released video chat screen called 'Portal' has raised privacy concerns. And not forgetting the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

The Financial Times has reported that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer were both involved in hiring Sir Nick Clegg.

As stated above, Facebook has had a rough ride over the last few months and Facebook are hoping that Sir Nick Clegg will help resolve issues and get everything back on track. As said, the Cambridge Analytica scandal saw many people's data being misused and Facebook had said that 'billions' of fake accounts have been shut down recently.

We'll bring more news on Sir Nick Clegg working with Facebook as it happens.

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