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John Lewis will stop selling DVD players

John Lewis still stop selling DVD players when stock runs out

High street department store John Lewis and Partners have today announced they will stop selling DVD players once their stock has run out and no more will appear on its shelves.

The good news is that DVD players and DVDs aren't being killed off completely as you can still buy them in places such as supermarkets, HMV (in the UK) and so on. You can also order them online.

It has been reported that sales of DVD players - which were once found under an awful lot of TV sets - are down by 40%. There's no argument that this is because of the amount of streaming sites available including Amazon Prime, Netflix and NOW TV.

Stores such as Argos and PC World will continue to sell our once loved and popular DVD players. John Lewis and Partners have said that it will continue to sell Blu-ray players. Blu-ray players can play DVDs that you'd put into a standard player.

Taking a look at John Lewis' online store on its website sees the cheapest DVD/blu-ray player you can buy is £69 from LG.

As there will be some room on the shelves as stock starts to run out, John Lewis will continue to sell more premium brands and current trends in technology, such as 55-inch TVs and smart doorbells.

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