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Amazon's Alexa can now whisper - here's how

Amazon's Alexa now has a Whisper Mode

Voice assistant, Alexa, now has yet another new mode. This time, the smart device from Amazon can now whisper. This is thanks to a new mode called: Whisper Mode.

This will mean that if you want to, you can whisper to Alexa, she'll also whisper back to you as well. This is great at night, for example, when you might want to check the time, or turn a light on, without disturbing the people who are asleep around you.

At the moment, the Whisper Mode feature is only available in the US, and the only language it's supported in is English, but we expect it'll be released in the UK very soon.

Does it sound creepy, though? Or humanlike? We'll have to wait and see however, many people in the US have been trying it out if you do a search on YouTube. When it's available, we'll sure post a video up and find out!

It's very easy to enable Alexa's Whisper Mode

Here's how to enable it via the Amazon Alexa app:

Tap the icon in the top left hand corner of the app

1. select "Alexa Account"

2. tap "Alexa Voice Responses"

3. select the "Whispered Responses" option

(a quick look on the UK Alexa app doesn't show the Whisper option yet, so it is not currently available)

Here's how to enable it by speaking to Alexa:

“Alexa, turn on Whisper Mode.”

(this option, too, also doesn't work with Alexa in the UK. When saying the command to Alexa, she's doesn't find a device named "Whisper Mode").

When the feature does become available in the UK, we will, of course, let you know.

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