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Little Mix LM5 album is out today

The new long awaited Little Mix album is here and you can grab a copy today

Little Mix are back behind the microphones bringing their latest and greatest album. This will be Little Mix's fifth studio album and it's entitled 'LM5'.

Release date, album name and album artwork were published on Little Mix's social media accounts on 15 October 2018 - almost a month ago.

The album 'LM5' has been named after Little Mix's fan base 'Mixers'.

In all, there are 18 tracks on this new album, some of which, you'll have already heard off as they've been released as singles, before the album dropped.


1. The National Manthem

2. Woman Like Me (featuring Nicki Minaj

3. Think About Us

4. Strip (featuring Sharaya J)

5. Monster In Me

6. Joan Of Arc

7. Love a Girl Right

8. American Boy

9. Told You So

10. Wasabi

11. More Than Words (featuring Kamille)

12. Motivate

13. Notice

14. The Cure

15. Forget You Not

16. Woman's World

17. The Cure (Stripped)

18. Only You

Little Mix's new album 'LM5' is available to stream, download and buy now.

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