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Amazon Echo now being sold in Microsoft stores in the US

Amazon's smart Echo devices are using sold in Microsoft Stores in the US

Amazon's Echo devices are now being sold on Microsoft's website and in its US stores, too. Microsoft have formed a partnership with Amazon to integrate Alexa and Cortana.

Cortana is Microsoft's voice assistant and is available as an app on both iOS and Android. It also ships pre-installed on computers running the Windows 10 operating system. And, of course, before the death of the Windows Phone, Cortana was rocking out on those devices, too.

Inside the stores, the latest generation of Alexa devices are being sold, including the second generation ones, including the Echo and Echo Dot.

Not so long ago, Amazon released an Alexa app, which is available on the Windows Store in Windows 10, for free. We'll have a review of that coming up very soon. It allows you to control Alexa and its paired devices right from your computer.

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