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Android users beware: 500,000 users downloaded malware onto devices from dodgy apps

Be careful when downloading some apps from the Google Play Store

It's been reported that yet, only a small amount of apps on the Google Play Store. We have seen various forms of malware on a small amount of apps in the Google Play Store in the past that you should stay clear from, but now there's more that have come to light.

A security researcher named Lukas Stefanko, from ESET has found some more apps with malware that can be downloaded from the Play Store, on Android devices.

In total, he's found 13 apps and when he discovered the find, took to Twitter to make users aware of the dodgy applications.

The good news is that the apps have now been removed from the Play Store by Google, so they cannot be downloaded by others.

We urge those who've downloaded the apps to uninstall them as soon as possible as your personal data could be leaked.

All of the apps were produced by a developer called Luiz Pinto.

The games could not be played very often as they would crash every time you tap one of the apps to play it.

Above, you can see the names and pictures of the app icons that are dangerous. Please delete them as soon as possible if you haven't done so already.

Two of the apps on the above list, were in the trending list on the Google Play store, before they were taken down.

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