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James Arthur & Anne-Marie 'Rewrite The Stars' in new music video from The Greatest Showm

Anne-Marie and James Arthur get involved in The Greatest Showman Reimagined with a hit song

It's fair to say that one of the most talked about films of 2018 has to be The Greatest Showman. It's full of great actors, actresses, lines and of course, the music.

You can even buy a sing-along version of the musical to relive all of the magic and music over and over again.

Many artists have been covering the hits from the musical masterpiece, including P!nk with "A Million Dreams', Kelly Clarkson with 'Never Enough' and Panic! At the Disco with 'The Greatest Show'.

Now, former x Factor winner, James Arthur, and Essex singer Anne-Marie, have teamed up to produce an epic cover of a hit track from 'he Greatest Showman'.

They've now added to the ever-growing 'he Greatest Showman: Reimagined' album with 'Rewrite The Stars'.

Their voices work very well together and the music video is fantastic. Watch it below:

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