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iOS 12.1.1 makes flipping the camera in FaceTime calls much easier

This is a much needed useful feature

The latest version of Apple iOS software, 12.1.1, is now available for download on your iPhone and iPad.

To download the latest iOS software update :

1. Go to the Settings app on your Home screen

2. Tap "General"

3. Select "Software Update"

Information will show about what's new in the software update. Make sure you have at least 50% battery in your iPhone or iPad so the update can happen. If not, plug it in.

In the last update before this one, the flip camera button, as well as other much needed and useful features, were hidden behind a menu.

The flip camera button has now returned to its rightful place on the bottom row. Other buttons there include: Effects, Mute and, of course, the End Call button.

As we said above, you can see even more of what's to come in the new iOS update by checking the Software Update section in the Software Update section. You can also check right here, on Apple's website.

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