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Little Mix get Christmasy with Love Me Like You Christmas Mix

Little Mix get Christmasy with Love Me Like You

The hit girl group, Little Mix, who are former X Factor winners, know how to make a Christmas hit.

With Christmas fast approaching, we wanted to share some of the Christmas sprits and joy and happiness around.

We will be sharing much more of the Christmas cheer in the next few weeks and days, in the run up to Christmas Day on Tuesday 25th December 2018

Okay, we are aware this song is a few years old now, and the Christmas Mix version was released two years after the original version, however, we still consider this to be a great Christmas tune to bop along to and sing the lyrics at the top of our voice!

Whilst the music video is exactly the same as the original version, the backing and vocals have a fantastic Christmas feel to them.

You can watch the official Christmas Mix version of Little Mix 'Love Me Like You', below:

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