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Twitter lets you sum up 2018 just by using emojis - here's how

Can you sum up 2018 by using just emojis?

2018 is almost over, with the New Year just around the corner. Twitter have added a new feature to allow you to sum up your year using just emojis and adding the odd hashtag.

Here, we'l talk you through what you have to do and how to use this feature. It's very, very simple.

First up, make sure you're logged into the Twitter app on your phone or tablet. You can update the Twitter app to the latest version by heading over to the App Store for iOS, or the Google Play Store for Android devices, if needed.

Once you've done that and logged into Twitter, head over to the Notifications tab - located at the bottom of the app - and tap the bell icon.

Among your mentions, replies and new followers etc, you should see a notification that says: "Can you sum up your year using only emojis?".

Once you tap on the notification, another screen will show, saying: "Sum up 2018, or share your hopes for 2019, with just emojis. And a hashtag or two - obviously."

Tap the large blue button that says: "Tweet your emoji".

A new compose tweet window will appear (just like when you're wanting to send out 'normal' tweets: "Here's my year in emojis: #HappyNewYear #MyEmojiYear". A funky emoji related picture also shows, which'll be added to your photos & videos section, once you've posted the tweet.

Give it a go yourselves and tweet your emojis of the year. Share them with us, too. We'd love to see them!

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