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Now you can see your most listened to tracks on Apple Music for the year

See your favourite artist and top five tracks

If you're a Spotify listener and receive emails from them, you'll notice that a Spotify "Wrapped Up" email will have come through. This shows all the tracks you have listened to this year, as well as other stats.

There hasn't been a way to do this for those who subscribe to Apple Music - until now.

Website TechCrunch first saw the app. Its been developed by a third party, NoiseHub, not by Apple themselves, and is called "Music Year In Review".

The app provides you with some basic stats but does not go into much detail. It does provide you with an overview of what you've listened to throughout the year.

To get started, you need to download the app. It's available, for free, from the App Store and only works on devices running iOS.

Once you have singed into the app using your email address, connect it to your Apple Music account. It then takes all of your music information and data. Once it has done that, it'll show you the data in three different sections:

- time you spent listening to your favourite artist on Apple Music

- overall favourite songs and artists

- top five songs and artists of the year

Once the graphic cards for the above have been generated by Music Year In Review, you can share the cards on Twitter, Facebook, share directly to Instagram Stories and save to your Camera Roll.

Checking the review section for the app, it does crash for some people. We tested on an iPhone and it was fine for us.

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