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WhatsApp might not work on some phones in the New Year

WhatsApp could stop working on some phones in the New Year

The popular Facebook owned messaging app, WhatsApp, could stop working on certain phone models in the New Year of 2019.

This will mean, that from today, January 1 2019, WhatsApp has stopped supporting older versions of its free application on handsets. This mainly happens on older handsets and devices that are running very old versions of a particular operating system. This could mean older versions of Android, iOS or Windows Phone, for example.

In a blog post on WhatsApp's website, they say that the below devices are affected and WhatsApp are no longer supporting:

- Nokia 206 Single SIM and dual SIM

- Nokia 208

- Nokia 301 Single SIM and dual SIM Chat Edition

- Nokia 515 Preinstalled WhatsApp New

- Nokia Asha 201

- Nokia Asha 205 Chat Edition

- Nokia Asha 210

- Nokia Asha 230 Single SIM and dual SIM

- Nokia Asha 300

- Nokia Asha 302

- Nokia Asha 303

- Nokia Asha 305

- Nokia Asha 306

- Nokia Asha 308

- Nokia Asha 309

- Nokia Asha 310

- Nokia Asha 311

- Nokia Asha 500

- Nokia Asha 501

- Nokia Asha 502

- Nokia Asha 503

- Nokia C3-00

- Nokia C3-01

- Nokia X2-00

- Nokia X2-01

- Nokia X3-02

- Nokia X3-02.5

As you can see from the above, these are mostly Nokia devices.

The advice provided is to purchase an updated, newer phone / handset that supports the WhatsApp service to continue to use the application and its features.

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