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Two Huawei employees have had pay cut as New Year's Day tweet is sent from iPhone

Employees have been punished for sending tweet from iPhone

Two employees at technology firm Huawei, a Chinese company, have been demoted and have had their pay cut after sending a tweet via an iPhone.

The tweet was sent from Huawei's official corporate Twitter account (@Huawei) on New Year's Day. The original tweet has since been deleted, but YouTuber, Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) along with other Twitter users managed to get a screenshot of the tweet before it was deleted.

Huawei have since deleted the tweet sent 'via Twitter for iPhone' and have re-uploaded it again, this time using Twitter Media Studio.

Bloomberg have seen an internal company memo and it has said that the two employees who tweeted using an iPhone have been demoted and their pay have been frozen for 12 months.

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