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What's new with Amazon Alexa?

What's new with Alexa this week?

This week, we take a look at what's new with Amazon's smart assistant, Alexa this week. We'll also reveal the most request commands and questions for the week.

- "Alexa, play Heart Radio.” - Alexa can play almost any radio station using the TuneIn skill, which can be enabled just by asking to play any radio station.

- “Alexa, how do I set up a Routine?” - Alexa can tell you how to do this and easily setup any number of routines, just by saying one single command, such as: "Alexa, start my day". Once you've said this, Alexa could turn on your lights, read the news and let you know the weather for your local area.

- “Alexa, tell me a joke about science.” - Alexa can tell you a whole range of jokes, relating to pretty much any subject. Throughout December (and she still can), Alexa told a whole host of Christmas themed jokes. Santa delivered a few, too! Give it a try.

- “Alexa, play the Easy Morning playlist on Amazon Music.” - For this to work, you'll need to be signed up to Amazon Music or Prime. If you're not, Alexa will let you know and give you the option to start a 30 day free trail for Amazon Music.

If Alexa knows that a track contains explicit lyrics, you'll have the option to not hear them. Just say: "Alexa, block explicit lyrics".

Most requested

Here are the most requested questions and commands for the week:

- Time zone: “Alexa, what time is it in Australia?”

- Alarm command: “Alexa, snooze.”

- Music library: “Alexa, play my music.” With Amazon Music, Alexa can play your favourite songs from your personal music library.

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