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Apple's first film will be called 'On The Rocks"

This will be Apple's first ever film

The company, A24, have parented up with billion dollar technology firm, Apple, to produced a brand new film, titled: "On The Rocks". A24 have also signed various contracts to make and produce other films in the future.

This will be Apple's first original feature film. It also seems as though it'll be launched on Apple's own internet streaming service.

There is no data on when Apple's streaming service will be launched but it is expected to be released this year, in 2019, at some stage.

BBC technology reports have said:

"Rashida Jones will star with Murray in the film, which tells of a young mother who reconnects with her playboy father."

We will have more news on Apple's brand new, first ever film, together with firm A24, and about Apple's new streaming service, when we get it.

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