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Private tweets on Twitter for Android have been public for a very long time

Twitter warns private tweets have been public for years

Millions of people from all around the world have Android devices, and many of which, will have the Twitter app on their phone and are signed into their Twitter accounts.

Twitter, the social network giant, famous for its short messages (tweets), have said they have discovered a bug in the Android version of the app, which meant that private tweets have been public for a very long time.

Twitter have said that the users who've been affected by this bug, would've been the ones who updated their email address between November 2014, right the way though to January this year.

Those logging into Twitter's web client on PC computers and laptops, for example, have not been effected. Those using the iPhone app have also not been effected.

Twitter are beginning to inform users on Android devices if they were caught up in the exposing bug.

Twitter will be releasing a public notice very soon as it is not sure just how many accounts have been affected by this security flaw,

The official Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) account Tweeted about this huge security flaw on 17 January 2019, saying:

"We’ve become aware of and fixed an issue where the “Protect your Tweets” setting was disabled on Twitter for Android. Those affected have been alerted and we’ve turned the setting back on for them."

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