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WhatsApp is putting a limit on how many messages you can forward to your contacts

WhatsApp is tackling fake news

WhatsApp is doing its bit to tackle fake news. Fake News was a major issue in 2018 and it looks to still be hanging around for 2019.

WhatsApp has taken a big step to try and stop the spreading of fake news, which we welcome with open arms. After all, the last thing you want to be taken a fool for is be reading fake news.

Those who use the Facebook owned internet messaging app, WhatsApp, will know that you can forward messages to the contacts saved on your phone.

At the moment, you can forward a message to someone up to 20 times. WhatsApp have now limited this to 5. This means you can only forward a message to someone on the app 5 time, instead of 20.

People on the receiving end of the message can also forward the message to 5 people, too, and so on and so fourth.

This, what seems like a harsh rule, has been put in place to stop the spreading of fake news on the WhatsApp platform and other Facebook owned services.

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