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Could there be a new iPad on the way?

Could there be a new iPad on the way?

New research and a brand new leak could suggest that Apple will be launching some new iPad models very soon.

It is believed that a seventh-generation iPad and iPad mini 5 will be on the way in the first half of 2019.

We are excited to learn more at the suggested leak regarding the iPad mini 5 as Apple have not refreshed or released a new iPad mini for a few years. The iPad mini is still around, in the form of the iPad mini 4. It boasts older hardware than the iPad Pro lineup, however.

The iPad mini lineup has not been updated in almost 3 and a half years, so we are very much looking forward to a new version, if this rumour appears to be true.

Website MySmartPrice suggests that six brand new models will be released and are currently named: "A2123, A2124, A2153, A2154, A2133, A2152".

It is also possible that one of the above models will be a Wi-Fi only iPad and one of the others being a Wi-Fi and cellular model. Cellular means you can add a 4G SIM card to get internet on the go, just like in smartphones and previous iPad models.

This is all we have to go on at the moment. Apple do like to remain tight-lipped for a while. When more information becomes available, we will of course be publishing it.

Are you looking forward to a new iPad lineup? Let us know in the comments below and reach out to us on our social media channels.

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