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Nintendo to release cheaper and smaller Switch

Reports suggest a cheaper and smaller Nintendo Switch is on the way

Website Nikkei claim that Switch maker, Nintendo, are creating a smaller version of the current Nintendo Switch. It's also expected this new version will be cheaper, too.

In order to create a cheaper Switch console could mean that some of the features will be removed, to warrant a smaller and cheaper model. And, as the Nintendo Switch will be smaller, portability of the console would be much better, meaning you can chuck it in your bag and you're away.

At this moment in time, nothing has been said with regards to what features will be stripped from the gaming machine.

Sauces suggest that the dock would be removed, making it more portable than the current generation of the Nintendo Switch. This would also back the plans of making the console cheaper.

When we have more news on this new portable, cheaper, smaller Nintendo Switch, we'll let you know.

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Photo credit: Gary Hailey - follow his Instagram account for more professional and fantastic images: @thegazagram



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