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New Facebook Messenger feature means you can delete messages after sending them

You can now delete messages after you have sent them

A brand new feature on Facebook Messenger means you can delete messages, even after you have sent them.

Facebook Messenger is owned and created by its parent company Facebook. It's an app you can download, for free, on your phone or tablet. It also works within Facebook's website (

This new feature which has been brought to the app will delight those of us who send messages to the wrong person, or enter them into a group chat, or even for people who makes a huge, huge typo.

In a sense, this deletion features works in the same way as popular texting service, WhatsApp, as it already dons the handy tool.

You'll have up to 10 minutes to delete the message, after the 10 minutes time-slot ends, the message will stay visible on the chat. You have been warned!

To delete the message for good so you can put your mind at rest, all you have to do it tap the message. Once you have done this, two options will show. The first option is 'Remove For Everyone" and the second option says 'Remove For You'.

Remove for You means that you have removed the message from appearing on your chat. The message still shows on the other person's end of the chat and if you do this in a group chat, it'll remain for everyone in the chat, too.

Remove for Everyone will display a message stating that you have removed the message. That message will not show, but the the notification will remain to inform those on the chat that you have deleted the message in question.

To benefit using this feature, make sure you install and update the Facebook Messenger app on iOS and Android.

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