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'thank u, next' album by Ariana Grande has been released today!

Ariana Grande 'thank u, next'

'thank u, next' the album is out today

Happy Friday! Today's a good one because the 'thank u, next' album by Ariana Grande is out today!

It's Ariana Grande's fifth studio album and it's the follow up from her hit album, "Sweetener", which was released last year.

The album, which is titled 'thank u, next', is the follow up from her successor studio album and tour, "Sweetener". Grande has broken a record as her forth studio album 'Sweetener', was only released 9 months ago!

We've already been treated to the official music video for her hit single 'thank u, next', which has a little spin on the film 'Mean Girls'. We have the video to her other single '7 rings', but one for 'imagine' is yet to be released to the public.

Her latest album features the hit singles: "imagine", "thank u, next" and her latest tune '7 Rings". The full track-list is as follows:

1.. 'imagine'

2. 'needy'

3. 'NASA'

4. 'bloodline'

5. 'fake smile'

6. 'bad idea'

7. 'make up'

8. 'ghostin'

9. 'in my head'

10. '7 rings'

11. 'thank u, next'

12. 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored

Which track is your favourite?

You can stream 'thank u, next', by Ariana Grande, right now on Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music and Spotify. You can also purchase the CD online and in stores. You can buy direct from iTunes, too.

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