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Apple FaceTime bug lets others hear your conversations

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Apple are trying to fix the bug

This bug was first picked up by the people over at 9to5Mac and it lets other Apple and FaceTime users hear your conversations, without you knowing.

This happens even of the person you're calling does not pick up the phone. In some cases, the user can see the other person because of the camera on the front of iPhone. Again, even if the person did not accept the call, they wouldn't know this.

This bug also exists on iPad devices, as well as the iPhone and those devices running the iOS 12.1 operating system. Apple's Mac's also face the issue, with those running macOS Mojave. Mojave is the latest Mac OS that supports the Group FaceTime feature.

On Apple's website, it shows that Group FaceTime is facing an issue and it says "Group FaceTime is unavailable" and it is an ongoing issue.

If the call is declined or dismissed, or the person who declined the call, presses the up or down volume buttons, video can be transmitted and audio can be heard by the person on the other end.

Apple is releasing a fix for this in its latest iOS release, which is being pushed out to devices this week.

What you can do, so you don't fall victim, is disable the FaceTime feature all together.

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