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Disability-themed and more new emojis coming soon

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Even more emojis are being released later on in the year

Loads and loads of brand new emojis are being released this year, to the delight of many. Because we've not got enough, right?!

These new emojis are a result of Apple, inc making a complaint that the current stock of emojis available to use do not let those with disabilities express themselves through the picture media.

This time, in the new update, the focus is more on accessibility. For example, those who have a disability, use a wheelchair, prosthetic arms and legs, guide dogs and more related to those with disability and other needs.

Each emoji will look different from one device to another. This means it'll look slightly different from if you view an emoji on an Apple device and a Samsung device which are powered by the Android operating system. The reason? Because the emoji platform is partly owned by different companies, including; Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook and they're allowed to tweak emojis to suit them.

The list of emojis has now been officially updated and this now means that a total of 230 brand new emojis feature in the list. And, the good news it that we'll be able to use and access them later this year. This will also be the the sixth biggest update to the already huge list.

As well as disabilities and accessibility products are highlighted in the new emoji update, others to watch out for, are: a waffle, an otter, juice carton, a flamingo, a rickshaw (took-took), ballet shoe and a drop of blood, which is supposed to help the way that women talk about menstruation.

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Wheelchair emoji image: Unicode

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