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3.7 million over-75s to pay for TV licence

Those over the age of 75 will have to start paying the fee for a TV licence

For those over 75 years of age, their TV licence is free, meaning they don't have to pay, but new rules mean the free licence will no longer apply for over 3.7 million pensioners and they'll have to start paying.

These new rules have been announced by the BBC and the new rules will mean that those households who are low-income and where at least one person in the household who receives the pension credit benefit will keep / get their free TV licence.

The BBC say that if they continue to fund the free licence fee for over-75s there would be various 'closures'. They state that TV channels BBC Two, BBC Four, BBC Scotland channel and the BBC News channel would be put at risk, including a certain amount of local radio stations and BBC Radio 5live.

This new rule will take effect in June 2020 (next year) and the BBC have said this is all about 'fairness'.

What is Pension credit?

Pension credits are a benefit that the government pay out and it is paid weekly to those pensioners who are on low incomes.

Looking at data published by the BBC in an article relating to this (link can be found above), around 900,000 households claim the benefit at the moment. There could be as many as 1.5 million in 2020 who could possibly be able to claim for the benefit, meaning they get a free TV licence.

Free TV licences for the over-75s were first introduced back in 2000 by the Labour government. TV Licensing and the BBC are telling those whom qualify and have the free licence at the moment do not need to take action straight away.

Those (75 and over) who receive the free licence will be fully covered until 31st May 2020 and TV Licensing will be writing to everyone to inform them of this change, over the next month.

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