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5G is here: What is 'network slicing'?

5G is here!
5G is here!

5G is finally here - what exactly is 'network slicing'?

It's all been in the pipeline for years and other recent months and weeks, it has all been coming together: 5G. It's finally here.

EE, who are owned by British Telecom (BT), are the first network provider to launch a 5G service in the UK. Vodafone are not far behind and will be rolling on their own 5G network in the next few weeks or so.

5G will only be available in select cities before it 'becomes the norm', so for now, you might be better waiting and continue to use 4G because there's absolutely nothing wrong with it at all.

Anyway, today we're looking into a term that may crop up more and more as 5G devices and the like become a thing and it's called 'network slicing'.

What is 'Network Slicing'?

'Network slicing' is when a mobile network operator, such as EE, BT and Vodafone, will be able to offer up various different contracts to us (the users) who use the network. For example, you, your next door neighbour and so on.

That said 5G contract will be 'sliced-up' and will be isolated from others around you. The 'slices' will, of course, be virtual so they cannot be seen.

This said 5G contract' can then be unique to the user in question and will be able to fit the users' needs. For example, different download speeds, bandwidth and latencies. Some people and companies will be able to have faster download and upload speeds for gaming and streaming audio, music and movies.

This feature will not be available for use right away. EE have told BBC News that this service will be of use in the year 2023 at some point.

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