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All you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Here's everything you need to know about Samsung's second foldable smartphone

As well as the brand new Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy S20 range of devices launched at Samsung's 2020 Unpacked Event, they also launched their second folding phone: the Galaxy Z Flip.

Here, we take a dive into the specs of the folding masterpiece and at the same time, talk a little about what the Z Flip can do.

First off, there is a huge design difference between Samsung's first folding phone (the Galaxy Fold) and the Z Flip. The Galaxy Fold opened up into more of a book once unfolded and the Z Flip unfolds into more of a mobile phone.

Samsung call the hinge 'Flex mode' as the Z Flip can be folded into different positions, meaning one part of the phone can be flat on the table and the top half in the air so you can take a selfie without even having to hold the phone!

Fun fact: the Galaxy Z Flip can be folded and unfolded over 200,000 times.

Also, (we think), once folded, it's a much better size to fit in your pocket and doesn't take up as much space. It also easily fits onto the palm of your hand when folded.

Screen wise the Z Flip comes with a respectable 6.7" Dynamic AMOLED display and weights just 183g. It also has no 'notch', just Apple's iPhone 11, and is almost bazel-less display, meaning almost nothing will get in the way when watching videos.

You'll also have noticed from images that when the Z Flip is folded, there is a small screen, as well as a dual-camera setup, The small 1.1" Super AMOLED display can show notifications, incoming and missed calls and when tapping a notification and opening up the phone, it'll launch right into that particular app. From the 1.1" display, you can also launch and use the camera to take selfies - a nifty feature.

Having briefly mentioning cameras above, lets continue here, first mentioning the single front-facing camera. It has the same hole-punch style that can be found on the S20 range and last year's Note10 family. It's a 10MP camera with live focus and live focus video supported.

The rear of the device has two cameras: the first one being a 12MP Ultra Wide camera and the second being a 12MP Wide angle camera. Both cameras support up to 8x digital zoom.

You can record 4K videos in Ultra HD at 60 fps too.

Onto performance now and you'll be getting a 3300mAh battery inside the device, chargeable via the included USB-C wall plug and cable. Z Flip also supports wireless charging, fast charging and Wireless PowerShare so you can charge another Qi wireless charging phone or accessory, such as Galaxy S10, S20 or Galaxy Buds/+.

The Z Flip has 5G built-in so you'll get high speeds for uploading and downloading whilst using mobile data and you'll get low latency too.

Memory wise the Galaxy Z Flip has 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage and has a 64-bit Octa-Core processor.

For audio, the Z Flip has a mono speaker.

You can purchase the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip direct from Samsung for £1,300,00

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Main image: Samsung



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