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Amazon's free, ad-supported streaming service IMDb TV is now called Amazon Freevee

Amazon Freevee
Amazon Freevee

Amazon have changed the name of its free ad-supported streaming service to Amazon Freevee

'IMDb TV' is no more and has had a name change to 'Amazon Freevee', or 'Freevee' for short. Amazon Freevee was launched in 2019 and is Amazon's take on an free, ad-supported VoD (Video on Demand) streaming service and is available in the United Kingdom and US.

Amazon Freevee is available on Amazon's website, IMDb's website and Amazon's range of Fire devices and the Amazon Echo Show. You can stream Freevee on non-Amazon devices too, including Android TV, LG Smart TVs, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox and Samsung Smart TVs.

There are also apps for Amazon Freevee for both Android and iOS devices. You can watch Freevee content from the Prime Video app.

As mentioned, this is a free service. The downside to that? You will have to sit through adverts every once in a while. That will be how Freevee (Amazon), will make money from this after all.

As with Prime Video and other streaming services, Freevee has some original shows exclusive to their platform. Freevee's first original show is called 'Bosch: Legacy' and is about a former detective tuned Private Investigator who works on jobs without having the required authority. If you like a cop drama, this may be one for you.

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Main image cedit: Amazon / Freevee

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