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Apple ditches AirPower wireless charging mat

Apple AirPower wireless charging mat
Apple AirPower wireless charging mat

Apple ditches one of its products that never made it to the shelfs: its wireless charging mat, named 'AirPower'.

The concept and product, was launched back in September 2017 by Apple and its purpose was to charge multiple Apple products at the same time. It could charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods, for example, without having to plug them in to a socket in the wall.

Apple have said, in a statement:

"...we’ve concluded AirPower will not achieve our high standards and we have cancelled the project".

Apple plugged their wireless charging product to be of a very high class and understandably, on paper (and well, because it's Apple), it did look like it would be one that customers would purchase, just like Apple's wireless and smart AirPods.

It's understood that the AirPower project has become ceased because the engineers were unable to stop the mat from overheating and that AirPower would've been released sometime in 2018, which, as we know, has not happened.

The company's wireless earphones, AirPods, even showed the AirPower diagram on the product packaging, which promised the AirPods could be wireless charged using the power mat. The second generation version of AirPods even come with a wireless charging case.

Apple do sell third party wireless charging mats, both on its website and in store, which are capable of wirelessly charging compatible iPhone models and AirPods.

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