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Apple updates iPod touch for the first time in 4 years

The new Apple iPod touch (2019)
New Apple iPod touch

It's still here, the iPod touch finally gets an update after almost 4 years

If you thought it had been discontinued, you're wrong. The iPod touch still lives, although the tab for 'iPod' no longer features on Apple's website, it can still be accessed on the footer of Apple's site.

This'll be the first update to the iPod touch since 2015, when the sixth generation iPod touch was released.

Apple have made a few changes to its fantastic product but the rest of the touch is still pretty much the same. The iPod touch now has the same A10 Fusion chip (processor) that can be found in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The other huge change that iPod touch fans will love, too. The storage has been bumped up to 256GB so you'll be able to store and keep more of your favourite apps, photos and videos.

It does seem out-dated a little but we like that. With almost all smartphone related screens ditching their bezels, the iPod touch still dons them. As well as the bezels, it still has the same 4-inch display as the previous model and still features the Home button as well.

You will be able to use some of the new software features within iOS, too, including the Apple Arcade subscription service that Apple will roll out come Autumn this year and Group FaceTime, which you've been unable to do on the previous model.

Oh, and a little note for those who love music - we know the all-new iPod touch supports AirPods, but it still features that much loved 3.5mm headphone jack! (Sorry, we just really wanted to mention it).

Pricing wise, it'll be great as an entry level gaming device as it'll be able to support Apple Arcade and various AI experiences that Apple has to offer. The iPod touch still adds a splash of colour to your life as it's available in Pink, Silver, Space Grey, Gold, Blue and (PRODUCT)RED.

The iPod touch starts at £199 for the 32GB model, £299 for the 128GB model and £399 for the 256GB model.

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