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Are iTunes' days numbered?

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Are the days of iTunes numbered?

iTunes is developed by Apple Inc, the creators of the MacBook, iPhone and iPad. iTunes was first released back in January 2001 and is available for download on both macOS and Windows, although it's already pre-installed on Apple devices.

MacRumors and The Verge have reported that the kill-off of iTunes has been on the cards for a while. iTunes has felt outdated whenever it's used. Most days now, people use Apple Music or Spotify to stream music and Netflix or Amazon Prime for movies and video.

MacRumors have noticed that iTunes content has moved over to the Instagram and Facebook account for Apple TV. iTunes Twitter is still alive and kicking.

Taking a look at Apple's official Instagram account, they only follow 6 accounts: Apple TV, Deirdre O'Brien, Beats by Dre, Beats 1, Apple Books and Apple Music. Note that they don't follow the iTunes account.

It may come as no surprise that iTunes will be discounted and left behind on the back burner. There are strong rumors that iTunes will be split into separate apps, including: TV, Music and Podcasts and possibly Books, too in the latest version of macOS.

We will now more about this WWDC 2019 event on Monday.

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