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BBC iPlayer has stopped working on some smart TVs from Samsung

Read this if you're facing issues

If you own a Samsung Smart TV which can access the BBC's catchup service, BBC iPlayer, you may've noticed you're unable to access the platform or being advised to perform a software update in order to continue using BBC iPlayer.

The software update, however, doesn't provide a fix for all older model of TVs and those will have to wait until next year to get a fix.

Samsung have said the reasoning for the issue is down for to security certificates expiring last Sunday. Security certificates are used to verify that software installed on the smart TVs can access the BBC iPlayer service and show its content.

In a tweet, Samsung explain the issue: "The Security Certificates for BBC iPlayer has ran out today. We are currently pushing updates to TV's manufactured between 2012 and 2015. We advise to keep checking for updates and thank you for your patience in the meantime".

The problems started on Monday last week (Monday 9 December) and that's when a message showed up on TVs stating that they must be updated 'in order to continue using BBC iPlayer'. See the message from Twitter user @Si_ndw below:

In some cases and with newer models, the message would show and you can then just continue to watch BBC iPlayer as you'd expect to.

Samsung state in a support article on their website, Samsung say a software update should fix the issue and if it doesn't happen automatically, to go to the Settings menu and update it from there, following the on-screen instructions.

On the article though, you'll see 11 models of Samsung TVs for which the fix won't work for and a fix for those affected will be provided in 'early 2020'.

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