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BT to start charging £50 for keeping old Wi-Fi routers


BT will start charging customers if they don't return routers when contracts come to an end

BT are one of the UK's largest telecoms companies who offer broadband to customers here, there and everywhere. And now, they are going to start charging new customers up to £50 if they don't send their old Wi-Fi router back at the end of the contract.

When the hardware is returned, it'll be re-used, according to BT and it's being done in an effect to help reduce waste.

BT lock its Wi-Fi routers and hubs to its network so they cannot be used on other rival network providers and services, such as Virgin Media and Sky.

Since December 2019 (last year), BT contracts have changed to state that the company will retain ownership of their BT Wi-Fi routers / Hubs and its TV set-top boxes.

Depending on the model of your router, BT will charge between £43 - £50 if you want to keep it and for its BT YouView set-top box, between £60 - £115.

You will not be charged up front for the BT router or BT YouView set-top box.

BT also own EE and Plusnet and say the charge will eventually apply to those companies as well.

If you want to return the kit, you'll be able to take it into any BT or EE high street store and you'll also be sent an envelope so you can return your router.

Even though this change is being made and you'll be charged for keeping the old equipment, prices of monthly subscriptions have not been reduced.

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